A Wander Down Broadway

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Broadway is one of those iconic Cotswold towns that you see in pictures time and time again but oddly enough, I’ve only ever been there once. It’s been on my list to go back to for ages but for some reason I always seem to pass it up in favour of somewhere else. But not today, today we went!

There is something about the Cotswolds at Christmas time that is just ludicrously magic. There are not many places that look better in the Winter months but pretty little Cotswold villages definitely fall into that minority. There’s something about those old stone cottages that lends itself to that cozy feeling that we crave at Christmas. 

I’m just going to lay it flat out, Broadway is beautiful. If you love pretty English towns, particularly Cotswold ones then you will not be disappointed with this one. It has everything you’d want from such a place - a lovely high street with features like red pillar boxes and old fashioned street lights, tiny little independent shops sharing wares from local merchants and makers that you won’t find anywhere else, an array of eateries offering scrummy food using local produce and most importantly, oodles and oodles of Cotswold charm. I was in heaven.

Like so many other gorgeous places that I've visited, I made a note to come back again when it’s quieter so that I can explore and snap away in peace without too many people in my way. But for today, I embraced the bustle and happy weekend atmosphere that was in the air. 


My friend and I pottled up the street enjoying the Christmas window displays and cooing over the goodies on offer. We went in a few shops that took our fancy and were happy to find really nice gifts to buy, not lots of your standard tacky souvenir tat. Then it was time for a spot of lunch.

We found ourselves a nice looking cafe and where I enjoyed a blimming marvellous bowl of parsnip soup. Just what I’d needed to warm me up as the biting wind had really got under my skin. We sat and chatted and then just listened to the hubbub around us, taking in other people’s conversations and enjoying a quiet Sunday lunchtime. 

 Then we made our way back down past the remainder of the shops, stopping finally at the Broadway Deli. Now this was a treat. If you’re ever in Broadway, please go in. It’s a higglety pigglety building with creaking stairs and low ceiling rooms full of unique, yummy treats. It’s got such character that you really just have to experience it for yourself. I love finding places like that.

 The light was already fading and it wasn’t even 3pm as we made our way back to the car. We headed through this cute little shopping centre with quaint, white-framed windows and even though there were actually a few high street brands in this part like Seasalt and Weirdfish, the shops were still tastefully incorporated into the feel of the town.

And so that was our little trip to Broadway. Seeing at it’s not even forty-five minutes from my home I can see me going back in the warmer weather for sure.